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How to Force Flower Bulbs

Indoor Force Flower Bulbs like Tulips & Daffodils

Indoor forcing flower bulbs is not too difficult and can be fun to do. Indoor forcing means that we 'fool' the bulbs, or force them, to bloom when or where they would otherwise not bloom. To do this it is essential that the bulbs receive a cold period to break the dormancy. Here are some basics below. More details available on our blog: Flowerbulbcrazy.com

How To Force Bulbs

  1. Plant the bulbs in drain-able pots.
  2. For most bulbs, optimal temperatures during this period range from 40º to 45ºF. The temperatures should not drop below 30° for too long
  3. Most bulbs need about 12-14 weeks of cold to break their dormancy. For hyacinths it can be a little shorter: about 12 weeks. The bulbs will then have nice sprouts of about 3 to 7 cm and the pots are ready to be brought into your home. Place them at room temperature in a bright position and enjoy!
  4. Spring flowering bulbs that can be used for indoor forcing are hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and some of the smaller bulbs like crocuses.
  5. Read more on our blog here: http://www.flowerbulbcrazy.com/forcing-flower-bulbs/

Flower Bulbs for Christmas

We sell Amaryllis and Paperwhites that are easy and great ways to have beautiful indoor blooms for the Christmas season. These bulbs do not need a cold period to bloom!
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