Tulip World Commitment

Our Commitment

Quality & Size at an Affordable Price

TulipWorld bulbs are always top quality and best size. Needless to say that all our bulbs meet the high standards of the Quality Mark of Dutch Flower Bulbs.

Unique & Up to Date Assortment

A large part of the bulbs in our assortment are only available at small, highly specialized local growers here in Holland. The selection is made by garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet. Our assortment comprises a large variety of the most beautiful and often uncommon bulbs. We also keep our assortments up to date to the latest trend in gardening.

Guaranteed Safe Shipping

Storing and overseas transportation are done in climate controlled containers. The bulbs are guaranteed against defects and loss through shipping. For your convenience we can provide you with a tracking code to monitor the status of your delivery. If your order isn't satisfactory, we will gladly reship or refund.

Planting for Dummies

We in TulipWorld believe that pretty much anyone can get bulbs to bloom once. If you are not sure about it, we provide each of our customer with planting instruction that come with the package, not to mention that we are always available for any other questions as well. So don’t worry if you are a beginner in gardening, bulbs are for everyone and we are here to ensure that everyone is including you.

Being Customer-Focused

Be it what goes best in my garden, what is the latest trend in gardening, how do I plant my bulbs, or what has happened to my bulbs since they haven’t arrived, our Customer Care is always ready to answer your questions. We are always attentive and enthousiast for every suggestions made, but we are more careful when answering to your inquiries, making sure that we fulfill your hope and provide you with the information you need.