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The Packages
Select a package from the list below. Deer love to eat tulips - for areas with deer please order Narcissus (Daffodils). We also have a package of beautiful Amaryllis bulbs for an indoor pot or vase.


Order and Delivery Dates
You can order until November 15th! We need time to prepare (or pre-chill) and ship the orders. Delivery dates:

  • Non-chilled packages will be delivered around the 26th of October

Payment Methods
Payment by credit card over the internet is the fastest and easiest way to secure your bulbs.

Shipping Costs & Delivery
The shipping cost for all bulb packages is $9.95. The price is fixed, no matter what quantity ordered.  Your bulbs are stored in a climate controlled warehouse until they are delivered to your doorstep. 

Quantum Discounts
Considerable quantum discounts will be given on large orders!

  • Orders over $100 ex shipping are discounted 5%.
  • Orders over $500 ex shipping are discounted 7.5%.

The discount is calculated over the total order amount excluding shipping cost.

Plan your own date to 'Plant the Promise'

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Regular Price: $64.95
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100 bulbs for $61.70
Save: $3.25  (5%)
200 bulbs for $119.50
Save: $10.40  (8%)
500 bulbs for $285.80
Save: $38.95  (12%)
1000 bulbs for $552.10
Save: $97.40  (15%)
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Red Apeldoorn Hybrid Tulip - Super Pack

$64.95/ per 100
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