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Why should YOU Plant the Promise?

  • Most importantly, planting flower bulbs with your children, students, employees, etc. during Red Ribbon Week provides a unique opportunity to reinforce the “Kiki Camarena wore this proudly - the red badge of courage” message.
  • Ordering bulbs will support drug education programs in your state.
  • Gardening with bulbs reinforces the “Kiki Camarena wore this proudly - the red badge of courage” message three times:  first, when you order; second, when you plant and third, when they surprise you with their blooms in the spring.
  • To be part of the Red Ribbon Week “Plant the Promise” movement.  Imagine thousands of people planting bulbs during Red Ribbon week -October 23rd till 31st-taking a stand for a drug free America.
  • Gardening is healthy, it’s physical exercise

How Does Gardening Work for Drug Prevention?

  • The 'Plant the Promise' idea originated from one school who had the idea that planting red bulbs would teach children about hope, delayed gratification and the promise to take care of what nature has made.
  • Contact with plants and nature promotes well-being.
  • Planting with your children, digging in the dirt, presents a great opportunity in a non-threatening way to chat with your children about drugs and alcohol?  Click here for tips on how to bring up and discuss drugs with your children or students.
  • When you're engaged in good, productive, positive behavior, you are not engaging in bad, counter-productive negative behavior.
  • Children learn from gardening how delicate life really is and how much we need to care for living things, including ourselves.
  • Parents can demonstrate that gardening is a great stress reliever – instead of reaching for a drink or a cigarette, they can reach for a trowel and plant a bulb.

Plan your own date to 'Plant the Promise'

 Closing date ordering Delivery around
 September 20th October 26th, before Plant the Promise Day on
 October 31st
 October 15th November 15th, after Plant the Promise Day

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