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Orange Brilliant Fosteriana Tulip
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Tulip fosteriana Orange Brilliant has imperial, deep orange flowers with beautiful grayish-green leaves. Approximately 10" blooms! Large wide petals and are truly a perennial tulip! The brightest colors you can think of; they make your day!

Purissima Tulip   ( Fosteriana)
SKU: 38189
Price: $8.95
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Tulip fosteriana Purissima is pure white and fragrant. Also known by the name White Emperor. Should be part of every bridal bouquet with its truly immense petals. Fantastic planted in large drifts.Truly a perennial tulip.

Red Emperor Tulip
SKU: 38184
Price: $9.95
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Red Emperor (Fosteriana) tulip is also known as Madame Lefebre. It has huge, wide petals and are some of the first tulips to bloom. These are a perennial type of tulip as well.

Perennial Tulip Collection
SKU: 39133
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Price: $75.00
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The history of tulips is a fascinating one, tulips have certainly evolved over time to meet the demands of their consumers and the ever changing world. Over time tulips have become a large part of the cut flower industry, which means that many of them are no longer truly perennials. We have selected tulips from each blooming time frame, early, mid and late blooming that are known to be more reliable perennials. * Please note that growing conditions, such as climate, sunlight, soil moisture...

Orange Brilliant Tulip Value Bag
SKU: 38305
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Price: $7.00
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Item #: 38305 -

Orange Brilliant Fosteriana Tulip is the BEST orange tulip available! True orange in a traditional tulip is often hard to get, but the Orange Brilliant does not disappoint with it's glowing orange blossoms in Mid-Spring.

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