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Delft Lace Astilbe
Contains 1
SKU: 27235
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    Flowers start as lacy red buds, and open to fluffy pink plumes which make a remarkable statement in the shade border or mixed in with hosta. The dissected foliage is also attractive blue green, that turns a lovely burgundy shade in fall.  This astilbe is a mid-size grower, 24-36" tall with a 24" spread. Astilbe prefer moist soils, especially when getting established, in dry hot climates or summers, make sure to provide plenty of water.

    Mixed Astilbe Value Bag
    Contains 5 bare root
    SKU: 27180
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    Item #: 27180 -

      Have a shady border that needs some color? Or need to fill in some spots in the shade garden? Then this Mixed Astilbe Value Bag is the perfect choice for you! Astilbe are best planted in shade to part shade locations with adequate moisture. Once they are established they are very easy to maintain.

      Professor van der Wielen Astilbe
      Contains 1
      SKU: 27236
      Availability: Out of Stock
      Item #: 27236 -

        This tall astilbe is a smart choice for the back of your shade garden border, or any part to full shade location that needs a little but not too much height. White graceful flowers will appear in the middle to end of Summer, they make great cut flowers; dried or fresh! Be sure to provide plenty of moisture when plants are first establishing themselves in the garden.

        Purple Candles Astilbe
        Contains 1
        SKU: 27234
        Availability: Out of Stock
        Item #: 27234 -

          This shade loving perennial will grow 3' tall and does well in moist soils, that are well draining. Expect flowers to appear in late summer, in shades of vibrant violet. This deer resistant perennial, tolerates shade and may attract hummingbirds!

          Ultimate Value Collection for Shade
          Contains 19
          SKU: 29132
          Availability: Out of Stock
          Item #: 29132 -

            This special Ultimate Value Collection combines all of the best-loved plants for shade in one easy-to-plant item. From the brilliant colors of the mixed begonias to the all summer long greenery of the caladiums and hosta, this grouping of plants is just what the shaded area of your yard needs. These plants look great when planted by themselves in an open bed area or when used among other existing plants.Contains the following individually packed and labeled varieties:1 pkg (5 roots/pkg.) Mixed...

            Made for the Shade Perennial Collection
            Contains 15 bulbs
            SKU: 27181
            Availability: Out of Stock
            Item #: 27181 -

              One of the most challenging gardens to plan is the shade garden. If you're stumped by what to plant in your "less than full sun" spot of your yard, look no further than this collection which is truly Made for the Shade! This collection combines great texture and color to give you the full, lush garden you only dreamed was possible!Contains the following individually packed and labeled varieties:1 pkg. (3 bulbs/pkg.) Neopolitanum Cyclamen (#27127)1 pkg. (3 roots/pkg.) Mixed McKana Hybrid...

              Shade Border Garden Collection
              Contains 9
              SKU: 27229
              Availability: Out of Stock
              Item #: 27229 -

                Fill a shaded border or pathway with these shade perennials and bulbs to add color and texture! The white bleeding hearts pair great with the white in the hostas, while the red astilbe pairs well with the begonias. If begonias aren't hardy in your zone, swap them out each year with a new annual or over-winter the begonias by removing them from the ground before a frost.

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