Unique Summer Flower Bulbs

Browse our collection of unique and traditional Spring Specialty Flower Bulbs that will surely catch the attention of gardeners alike! Tulip World prides itself in offering high quality unique Specialty Bulbs at great prices.

Festalis ismene (Peruvian Daffodil)

was $10.95
$4.38/ per 1 bulb
Festalis ismene (Peruvian Daffodil) Out of Stock

Japanese Spider Lily

was $10.95
$4.38/ per 1 bulb
Japanese Spider Lily Out of Stock

Mixed Colors Ranunculus Buttercup

was $11.95
$4.78/ per 25 tuberous root
Mixed Colors Ranunculus Buttercup - 28111 Out Of Stock
Image Mixed Colors Ranunculus Buttercup

Ixia Mixed (African Corn Lily)

was $10.95
$4.38/ per 25 corms
Ixia Mixed (African Corn Lily) - 28112 Out Of Stock
Image Ixia Mixed (African Corn Lily)

Mixed Sparaxis

was $10.95
$4.38/ per 25 bulbs
Mixed Sparaxis Out of Stock

Bicolor Eucomis - (Pineapple Lily)

was $10.95
$4.38/ per 1 bulb
Bicolor Eucomis - (Pineapple Lily) Out of Stock

Blue Triumphator Agapanthus

was $11.95
$4.18/ per 1 rhizome
Blue Triumphator Agapanthus - 28120 Out Of Stock
Image Blue Triumphator Agapanthus

Tuberose - Polianthes tuberosa

was $10.95
$4.38/ per 1 tuber
Tuberose - Polianthes tuberosa - 28121 Out Of Stock
Image Tuberose - Polianthes tuberosa

Gladiolus Murielae or Peacock Orchid

was $10.95
$3.29/ per 25 corms
Gladiolus Murielae or Peacock Orchid Out of Stock

Iron Cross Oxalis Shamrock Plant

was $10.95
$3.83/ per 25 bulbs
Iron Cross Oxalis Shamrock Plant Out of Stock

Unique Short Collection

was $82.60
$57.82/ per 56 bulbs
Unique Short Collection - 29114 Out Of Stock
Image Unique Short Collection

Unique Tall Collection

was $134.40
$94.08/ per 12 bulbs
Unique Tall Collection - 29116 Out Of Stock
Image Unique Tall Collection

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