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Early Tulip Bulbs for August Weddings - As early as August 15th, 2017

What makes us special

We have been providing flower bulbs for the purpose of event favors for many years. Therefore, we can offer great advice on which bulbs will work the best for your wedding, birthday party, bridal/baby shower, corporate event, or seminar! Many of the bulbs we typically sell during both the spring and fall planted season make excellent favors and we can help you select the best ones for your specific event. We also offer special order tulips specifically for weddings or other events occurring earlier in the fall than our normal shipping time of mid-September. These top-size tulip bulbs are air-freighted here from Holland to allow for shipment in mid-August before our fall shipping season technically begins. Due to the special nature of these early tulip bulbs, these items are not available for online ordering and must be ordered directly with a representative. We are also very accommodating when it comes to the delivery date of your bulbs, as we understand that the planning of a large event can get quite hectic and time-consuming. This is why we will work with you to choose a product which is in season and available at the time of your event.

How to Order

If you are planning on ordering bulbs specifically for a special event or wedding, please feel free to call and discuss shipping details with one of our helpful representatives. If you have an August or September wedding or special event, please call or email us for pricing and availability information on our Special Order Tulips. These Special Order Tulips are the only bulbs available for shipping during these early fall months.

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Not sure which bulbs will work best for your wedding or special event?
View the varieties below to help you with making your decision.

Fall/Winter Weddings & Events (Available September - January)

Events occurring in fall or winter typically have the most choices because of the bulbs available at that time of year. These bulbs are to be planted during the fall season and will bloom the following spring. Click on each image to view all of the options in that category.

Dutch Iris
Eternal Happiness, Perfect Love Eloquence, Sentiment, Wisdom New Beginnings, Happiness Playfulness, Constancy, Sincerity

Unique Bulbs 
Splendid Beauty, Sparkling, Pride Cheerfulness, Happiness Unity, Humility, Patience Various Meanings
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Spring/Summer Weddings & Events  (Available March- May)

The following items are some of the best bulbs to use for spring & summer weddings or special other events. These items are shipped and should be planted in the spring and will typically begin to bloom anywhere from May to late July. To guarantee your selection, pre-order your spring planted bulbs starting in January. Click on each image to view all of the options in that category.

Lily Flower Bulbs
Purity, Fertility and Nurturing Beauty, Integrity, Strength Good Luck Cautiousness, Fanciful Mind

Freesia Bulbs
Ranunculus Bulbs
Anemone Bulbs
Unique & Specialty
Innocence, Thoughtfulness Radiant Charm Unfading Love, Protection against Evil Each has a Different Meaning
For more Meanings and Ideas for Favors, visit our Blog



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