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  • Red Lion Large Flowering Amaryllis - 41112
  • Red Lion Large Flowering Amaryllis - 41112
  • Red Lion Large Flowering Amaryllis - 41112
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Red Lion Large Flowering Amaryllis

M. van Waveren & Zn

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    Item Number: 41112
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    Ship Season: Winter

    Why not add a little color to your holiday season with the Red Lion large flowering amaryllis. This plant will bloom all winter and add a touch of spring to your home! It needs very little watering. It can take7-10 weeks for them to bloom.

    *Amaryllis start shipping mid to late October. If you have a specific shipping date, please contact us upon placing your order.*

    Your amaryllis bulbs will bloom again and again, provided they are properly cared for. After the bulb finishes blooming, cut off the flower stalk close to the base. Keep the plant moist and add house plant fertilizer. Stop watering in August, and allow the plant to dry out completely in the sun. In early fall, remove and clean the bulbs of old scales and dead foliage. Roots should be fleshy and not damaged. You can re-pot when you are ready to restart the process.

    Bloom Time
    Blooms 6-8 weeks after planting 6-8 Weeks After Planting
    Mature Height
    14 - 22 inches
    Hardiness Zones
    Suitable Zones
    Zone 3 Suitable
    Zone 4 Suitable
    Zone 5 Suitable
    Zone 6 Suitable
    Zone 7 Suitable
    Zone 8 Suitable
    Zone 9 Suitable
    Zone 10 Suitable
    Bulb Size
    Plant Spacing
    Planting Depth
    Full Sun
    Partial Shade
    Full Shade
    Package Contents
    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    The bulb is huge and very healthy. It is growing and I am expecting it to produce flowers as pictured.

    Red Lion

    Absolutely stunning! I will post a picture on Twitter.


    Top Notch

    • Bulb size
    • Quality
    • Price
    • Packaging
    • None
    This is by far the largest amaryllis bulb I've ever seen, and it is top quality. It seemed to start growing as soon as I opened the box! The price was also amazing, based on the quality and size of the bulb. I'm extremely happy with this purchase. I would certainly buy more if I had the room!

    Amaryllis bulbs ( jumbo )

    • Price
    • size
    • packing
    • notice of shipment
    • None
    I bought red lion jumbo bulbs after the holidays. I expected that the bulbs would not be perfect. I was wrong , very wrong. The bulbs are huge even larger than the 36/+ size in the description. They were individually wrapped in burlap bags and appropriately tagged and packed. And the best part of all, you cannot buy bulbs that size anywhere that inexpensive. I am very very pleased.

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