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Anemone Bulb, also known as windflower bulbs, form a large and versatile group of plants. Shop our anemone flower bulbs including: Mr. Fokker Anemone Bulbs , White Splendour, Blue Shades and more. Anemone flower bulbs grow with lots of very colourful petal blooms, rather like poppies. They symbolize unfading love!

Hollandia Poppy Flowering Anemone

was $9.95
$6.97/ per 25
Hollandia Poppy Flowering Anemone Out of Stock

Mr. Fokker Anemone

was $7.95
$5.57/ per 25
Mr. Fokker Anemone Out of Stock

Sylphide Anemone

was $7.95
$3.58/ per 25
Sylphide Anemone - 33136 Out Of Stock
Image Sylphide Anemone

The Bride Anemone

was $9.95
$6.97/ per 25 bulbs
The Bride Anemone - 33137 Out Of Stock
Image The Bride Anemone

Mixed Anemone Collection

was $32.80
$14.76/ per 100 rhizome
Mixed Anemone Collection Out of Stock

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