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Rosy Returns Daylily

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    Rosy Returns Daylily is a long blooming variety with 4" rose pink blooms that are fragrant. Daylilies are adaptive perennials that thrive in tough conditions. Rosy Returns will produce several showy blooms per stem, and once Rosy starts blooming in early summer she doesn't stop until frost.

    If you are looking for an easy to grow perennial for full sun that is low maintenance and will provide plenty of color in your summer garden the Rosy Returns is the perennial you need. Rosy Returns can be planted in a border, or mass planting. To keep a tidy appears on the plants you can remove the spent flowers, although this will not encourage more blooms, it may help to keep the plants looking at their best.

    Bloom Time
    Summer Blooming Summer
    Mature Height
    14 - 16 inches
    Hardiness Zones
    Zone 3 Hardy
    Zone 4 Hardy
    Zone 5 Hardy
    Zone 6 Hardy
    Zone 7 Hardy
    Zone 8 Hardy
    Zone 9 Hardy
    Suitable Zones
    Bulb Size
    No. 1
    Plant Spacing
    Planting Depth
    Package Contents
    1 root
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    Kansas City

    Very pretty border flower

    I have a few clumps of this daylily, which I didn't purchase from Tulip World. It's a fast increaser, cold hardy in Zone 6 and a great choice of you need something for a border in a sunny location. The picture shown here doesn't really do it justice. This is very pretty and I think anyone would be glad to add it to their garden.

    Vero, Beach, FL


    • Healthy
    • None
    Plant arrived in nice condition and already sprouted. Super happy with the plant. Can’t wait to see it flower.

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