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About Tulip World

Mixed Tulips

Here at Tulip World, tulips are our favorite flower; we enjoy the different colors, shapes, heights, textures, scents and bloom times. However, we are much more than tulips at Tulip World!

Tulip World originally formed in Holland as a Dutch owned company in 2000. In 2007, Holland Group acquired Tulip World. Holland Group is a family owned flower bulb company located in Milwaukee, WI. Operating for over a decade, we have listened to our customers’ needs and have adjusted our bulb selections according to their preferences. Our fall bulb program is tailored to offer the most popular varieties in larger quantities. Spring blooming bulbs look best when planted in mass groupings. In order to help create the look of a mass bulb planting we offer our bulbs in larger quantity packages. Our fall planted bulbs are sold in quantities with the minimum number of bulbs needed to start creating a colorful display in your garden or customer’s yard.

Tulips are a large part of our fall planting selection; we offer over 100 varieties of tulips! A well- balanced garden has more than one type of flower, shrub, or tree, however, which is why we offer more than tulips; variety is the spice of life! For the fall planting season, Tulip World offers tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, fritillaria, allium, Dutch iris, bearded iris, peonies, and more. For the spring planting season, we offer a large selection of bulbs, perennial roots and clematis vines. Every spring we work with our distributors in Holland to find the best dahlias, gladiolus, lilies, begonias, cannas and bare root perennials. Our summer blooming bulb selection contains the most reliable and colorful bulbs available.

Planting perennial roots is an effective way to put a lot of effort in one season and reap the rewards for years with minimal effort. At Tulip World, we are always working to expand and offer a variety of unique and reliable bare root cold hardy perennials for spring planting.

Forcing and Indoor Planting Options

Amaryllis in Vase

Gardening can be a challenge for most people in the winter months. We want to help make gardening in winter easier for you. This is why we offer a varied selection of Amaryllis and pre-chilled tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinth for growing indoors. Easy-to-grow Amaryllis are available from November through January. Offered as individual bulbs, we source the largest available sizes for the varieties we sell. Forcing tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus is fun but can pose certain challenges. By offering bulbs for indoor forcing that have been pre-chilled, we hope to make the forcing process more successful for your indoor winter bulb gardens.

Plant Purchasing Made Simple and Affordable!

We designed our pricing with the wholesale customer in mind by keeping our prices consistently low. We welcome landscapers, municipalities, parks departments, and other wholesale clientele. While our pricing may appear to be for wholesale customers, we welcome home gardeners to shop with us as well!

Tulip World works hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, from the purchasing process to how your items grow in your garden. Bulbs and roots are a product of nature; we aim to get the best bulbs nature and our growers can supply to us. For more information on Tulip World, email us today.

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