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When deciding what to plant in your garden it's important to consider light requirements, mature plant height, plant spacing, and climate. Hardiness zones help you determine whether or not a plant will grow well in your area. These zones are determined by the United States Department of Agriculture and are based on the average minimum temperature divided into 10-degree Fahrenheit zones.

To determine your hardiness zone, view the hardiness zone map or type your zip code into the input box provided. After you enter your zip code and click the "Lookup" button, our website will show you a list of bulbs and roots that are cold weather hardy for your area. Now that you know your hardiness zone you can browse our website and be able to tell whether or not the plants will do well in your zone by viewing the item information keys on the product pages. For example, if you are located in hardiness zone 5 and an item is listed as hardy in zones 3-7, that means the item is winter hardy in your zone (because your zone falls within that range). This means the plant will survive the winter with no extra steps needed. To learn more about hardiness zones, feel free to contact us

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