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Help with Deer Resistant Flowers and Deer Proof Plant Bulbs

Why give up on planting bulbs just because you share your yard with hungry deer? Why not plant flower bulbs that are deer resistant, or deer proof? There's nothing as uplifting as looking at a dazzling display of flowers. And even if you live in a place where browsing deer are as common as dogs and cats you can still enjoy a breathtaking display of flowers without investing in an eight foot high electrified fence… as long as you plant the right ones. Daffodils, hyacinths, anemones and Fritillaria are all great spring flowering bulbs that will produce colorful, cheerful blooms and better yet, are deer resistant so deer don’t like them.

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Deer Deterrents

Although nothing makes a tulip or another bulbs absolutely deer proof, there are some home remedies that work for some people. We offer a repellent called Liquid Fence and a Deer Netting that you set over the growing flower bulbs. Other items that are commonly used: Predator’s Urine (like wolf or coyote), .very fragrant soap, spraying them with cayenne pepper/water mixture, or even spreading human hair around the flowers. If deer are smart and hungry, nothing short of a 9 foot high fence (preferably electric) will keep yummy treats like tulips out of their reach.

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