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Jolly Waxed Amaryllis Green Waxed Amaryllis, Wax-Dipped To Perfection, Hand-Selected Flower Bulbs, No Water Needed, No Soil Needed

Jolly Waxed Amaryllis (42134)

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Our Green Base Waxed Amaryllis is an exquisite and unique gift to give for the holidays! Our waxed amaryllis require no water and do not need soil! Simply open the package, set it in a brightly lit room and watch it grow! Our waxed amaryllis bulbs...
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Waxed Base Amaryllis

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These Amaryllis are blooming beautifullly! My friends come by the house and just "rave" about them and today I referred your company to several ladies that were amazed at how many blooms are on each bulb. I cut off the wilted blooms (after they bloom) and more keep coming out from the plant. And they are so easy....no watering or anything! I will certainly order more of the beautiful flowers!

Reviews 1-1 of 1
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