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How to Store Flower Bulbs for storing in Winter & Summer

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You will receive your bulbs just before the ideal planting time. It is however, possible to store them in a dark, cool and dry place that is well ventilated. Make sure that the temperature is constant. Do not delay planting the bulbs any longer than is necessary. Remember your bulbs long for some cool, moist earth and they should be planted at least two weeks before it starts to freeze. For warmer climates or extreme cold climates specific instructions apply. Bulbs are not seeds and will not keep until next year.

Prevent Drying Out

Some bulb varieties are quite susceptible to drying out, for example the Allium ursinum, Anemone nemerose and blanda, Eranthis, Erythronium, Fritallaria, Galanthus (snowdrops), Leucojum vernum and Lilium.

If your shipment contains bulbs that dry out fast and you want to store them, keep them in a pot or bag full of peat-dust or sand until you plant them. Anemone, Eranthis and Cyclamen need, in addition to this, the treatment of being soaked in water for 24 hours prior to planting them.

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