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  • The Bride Anemone - 33137
  • The Bride Anemone - 33137
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The Bride Anemone

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    Anemone coronaria is probably better known as a charming cut flower than as a bulb, but it definitely deserves a place in the garden. Just choose a warm and dry spot and the bulbs will already reward you with flowers in 6 to 10 weeks after they have been planted. Before planting they should be soaked in water to help them start growing. Flower symbolizes unfading love and protection against evil.

    When to plant Anemone?

    Plant Anemone in early to mid-fall.

    How to plant Anemone bulbs?

    Soak the Anemone bulbs in tepid water overnight prior to planting. Plant Anemone bulbs 1-1.5" deep. If you are unable to determine which side of the bulb is facing up lay the anemone bulbs on their side and they will straighten themselves out.

    Where to plant Anemone bulbs?

    The ideal planting location is one with loose soil that has plenty of organic matter. Plant in a location that receives full sun in spring but is shaded in summer, to keep the bulbs cool. A location that is shaded by leaves of trees or shrubs in summer will be ideal. The Bride Anemone are winter hardy in zones 7-9.

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