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  • California (Carlton) Daffodil - 32126
  • California (Carlton) Daffodil - 32126
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California (Carlton) Daffodil

P.D. Willliams

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Narcissus large cupped Carlton looks like a trumpet with 5" blooms! One of the most yellow narcissi. Very strong and adaptable. Does very well indoors! Symbolizes new beginnings and ensures happiness. Used as March birth month flower and for 10yr wedding anniversaries.

When to plant Daffodils?

Plant Daffodils in fall when daytime temperatures are in the 60's during the day or lower. Plant Daffodils before the ground freezes solid in winter.

How to plant Daffodil bulbs?

Plant Daffodil bulbs 6-8" deep with the pointed end facing the sky. Fill the planting hole back in with soil to cover the Daffodil bulbs. Water the bulbs in after the initial planting. Avoid watering after the planting as they prefer to be dry in winter.

Where to plant Daffodil bulbs?

Plant Daffodil bulbs in well-drained soil. Plant in full to part sun. If the area is sunny in spring but shaded in summer from trees, Daffodils will grow well there.

Bouquet Planting Daffodils

For a full bouquet appearance plant 5 bulbs per one 10-12" wide planting hole. The bulbs can be planted 1-2" from each other in this larger hole.

What to do when your Daffodils are done blooming?

The flower stems can be removed once the blooms have faded. Keep the leaves intact until they yellow, wither and can easily be removed from the soil. The leaves gather energy from the sun after the blooms fade to provide energy for the next seasons blooms. Keep the bulbs dry during summer, as they prefer dry conditions when dormant.

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  • Huge
These are huge daffodil bulbs. I didn't realize they grew this big!

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