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  • Dutch Master Daffodil Super Pack - 32101
  • Dutch Master Daffodil Super Pack - 32101
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Dutch Master Daffodil Super Pack

Retail: $50.00
Sale: $40.00
Fall Pre-Order
You Save: $10.00 (20.0%)
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    Availability: Fall Pre-Order
    Item Number: 32101
    Bulbs per Package: 100
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    Ship Season: Fall

    Here at Tulip World we love the customer and we love giving customers great deals! Our Super Packs give you top-sized bulbs for $40 or $50 less than our competitors! The Dutch Master Super Pack comes 100 bulbs per bag and the daffodil will do well in any garden! It loves the sun and the partial shade and it is great for container growing. As an added bonus, the Dutch Master is deer proof and it makes a great cut flower!
    Bloom Time
    Mid Spring Blooming Mid Spring
    Mature Height
    14 - 18 inches
    Hardiness Zones
    Zone 4 Hardy
    Zone 5 Hardy
    Zone 6 Hardy
    Zone 7 Hardy
    Zone 8 Hardy
    Suitable Zones
    Zone 3 Suitable
    Zone 4 Suitable
    Zone 5 Suitable
    Zone 6 Suitable
    Zone 7 Suitable
    Zone 8 Suitable
    Zone 9 Suitable
    Bulb Size
    Plant Spacing
    Planting Depth
    Full Sun
    Partial Shade
    Package Contents
    100 bulbs

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