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  • Forced Bulbs Tulip Collection - 47063
  • Crystal Beauty Fringed Tulip Pre-Chilled - 47042
  • Yellow Pomponette Tulip Pre-Chilled - 47043
  • Yellow Pomponette Tulip Pre-Chilled - 47043
  • Ronaldo Tulip Pre-Chilled - 47044
  • Negrita Tulip Pre-Chilled - 47045
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Forced Bulbs Tulip Collection

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    Item Number: 47063
    Bulbs per Package: 24
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    Ship Season: Winter

    Grow tulips in your home this winter by forcing pre-chilled bulbs. These tulip bulbs have been prepared for forcing upon receiving them.

    Plant the bulbs in pots and store in a cool location for 12-16 weeks. Shortly after the chilling time you can enjoy blooms from your pre-chilled tulip bulbs in your home.

    These pre-chilled tulips can also be grown outdoors in climates that do not have a cold enough winter for tulips to flower naturally. 

    Forced Bulbs Tulip Collection Includes:

    *Our pre-chilled bulbs are ready for shipping starting in mid-December. By this time they have received the minimum amount of cold temperatures required for forcing and flower bud production.*

    You can complete this "forcing" process indoors or out. If you need more help on forcing, please refer to our help section it has everything you need to successfully force flower bulbs!

    Bloom Time
    Mature Height
    12 - 18 inches
    Hardiness Zones
    Suitable Zones
    Bulb Size
    Plant Spacing
    Planting Depth
    Package Contents
    24 bulbs

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