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  • Julia Rose Itoh Hybrid Peony - 36103
  • Julia Rose Itoh Hybrid Peony - 36103
Ships Fall

Julia Rose Itoh Hybrid Peony

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    Availability: In Stock
    Item Number: 36103
    Bulbs per Package: 1
    5.00 stars, based on 7 reviews 7 review(s). | Write a review

    Ship Season: Fall

    Julia Rose Itoh Peony has lush green leaves and delightful color changing blooms. The sturdy stems will hold up the large and showy 6-10" blooms in late Spring. Blooms range from a rosy pink to a salmon coral. Vigorous and cold hardy perennial will provide joy for many years. Enjoy the large and showy blooms outside as well as inside in your vases and cut flowers. Expect plenty of long lasting blooms from this Itoh Hybrid Peony. Blooms can go for about 3-4 weeks with up to 50 blossoms per plant.

      Bloom Time
      Late Spring Blooming Late Spring
      Mature Height
      28 - 30 inches
      Hardiness Zones
      Zone 3 Hardy
      Zone 4 Hardy
      Zone 5 Hardy
      Zone 6 Hardy
      Zone 7 Hardy
      Zone 8 Hardy
      Suitable Zones
      Zone 3 Suitable
      Zone 4 Suitable
      Zone 5 Suitable
      Zone 6 Suitable
      Zone 7 Suitable
      Zone 8 Suitable
      Zone 9 Suitable
      Zone 10 Suitable
      Bulb Size
      2/3 Eyes
      Plant Spacing
      Planting Depth
      Full Sun
      Partial Shade
      Package Contents
      1 Root

      Growing Advice

      • Plant in Full Sun to Partial Shade
      • Plant 1-2" deep
      • Peonies prefer well drained soil
      • Choose a location where you won't need to move it, as peonies do not like to be transplanted
      Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

      Nice looking roots

      Great price and the roots that arrived were quite a bit larger than a couple of major online competitors products in the same price range. The peony roots were packaged in a labeled baggie and had large, readily evident eyes that were pliable but not soft. All in all, very professionally divided and delivered.

      After soaking in water for an hour or two, they brightened a bit and looked fuller. They were planted in grow bags and I am now waiting on spring. I doubt that I will get a bloom until the second year, but you never know.


      Very Happy

      • Healthy
      • Good quality
      I recieved my roots, they were very healthy.
      I can't wait for them to start growing. I know peonies take time, so next year I know they will be beautiful.

      Great looking bulbs

      Bulbs with multiple eyes at a good size and not dried out. I'm looking forward to see how they perform in the spring. Fantastic price too.

      New Hampshire

      Julia Rose Itoh Peony

      very nice root stock, sensibly packaged & delivered promptly this fall... good price, anticipating good growth in the spring - fingers crossed!

      Quick service

      Ordered in Sept 2018 when received had some mold on the roots. Emailed the company and in a real short time was sent new roots twice as big as the first one. Very happy

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