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  • Mixed Orienpet Lilies - 37142
  • Mixed Orienpet Lilies - 37142
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Mixed Orienpet Lilies

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    Item Number: 37142
    Bulbs per Package: 8
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    Ship Season: Fall

    Orienpet Lilies also known as OT Lilies have the best of two popular lilies! These hybrid lilies are crossed between Oriental Lilies and Trumpet Lilies. Reaching heights of 4-6' these stately lilies stand out in the summer garden. Fragrant blooms face outward and upward similar to that of both Oriental Lilies and Trumpet Lilies.

    Orienpet Lilies are hardy in zones 4-9 and do best planted in full to part sun. Lilies are carefree but do require soil that drains well. Plant lilies 6-8" deep spaced 9-12" apart. 

    Bloom Time
    Mid Summer Blooming Mid Summer
    Mature Height
    48 - 96 inches
    Hardiness Zones
    Zone 3 Hardy
    Zone 4 Hardy
    Zone 5 Hardy
    Zone 6 Hardy
    Zone 7 Hardy
    Zone 8 Hardy
    Zone 9 Hardy
    Suitable Zones
    Zone 3 Suitable
    Zone 4 Suitable
    Zone 5 Suitable
    Zone 6 Suitable
    Zone 7 Suitable
    Zone 8 Suitable
    Zone 9 Suitable
    Zone 10 Suitable
    Bulb Size
    16/18 cm
    Plant Spacing
    Planting Depth
    Full Sun
    Partial Shade
    Package Contents
    8 Bulbs

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