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Pretty Woman Orienpet Lily

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    Bulbs per Package: 3
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    Ship Season: Spring

    We're almost lost for words when trying to describe the "Pretty Woman" giant tree lily. Gorgeous, strong tall and spectacular are only a few of the words that come to mind.

    Large 8" wide fragrant blooms grade the top of this giant beauty that grows 3-4 feet the first year and up to an amazing 6-8 feet when the plant is fully mature! With 20 to 30 blooms on each plant by year three, this will certainly be one of the most unique features of your garden.

    Even with its incredible height, Pretty Woman won't need to be staked as the beautiful stalks and rich foliage are sturdy enough to support these giant lilies. Remember to take the eventual size into account when you're deciding where to plant.

    Bloom Time
    Mid Summer Blooming Mid Summer
    Mature Height
    48 - 60 inches
    Hardiness Zones
    Zone 4 Hardy
    Zone 5 Hardy
    Zone 6 Hardy
    Zone 7 Hardy
    Zone 8 Hardy
    Zone 9 Hardy
    Suitable Zones
    Bulb Size
    16/18 cm
    Plant Spacing
    Planting Depth
    Package Contents
    3 bulbs

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